Aarhus Cityforening i samarbejde med Salling, Stiften og Strøgforeningen

USA Festival


USA Festival - June 4th 2013


Aarhus Cityforening in collaboration with Salling, Stiften and Stroegforeningen


A travel, shopping and culture festival in early June every year, with up to 170,000 visitors in Aarhus city centre


Stage on the Store Torv (the main square), Aarhus + 5 smaller stages throughout the city


The Allstars feat. Temptations, Esben Just, Jesper Lundgaard, Ditte Marie og InJoy Gospel Choir. Jordans Drive and AJO (tidl. Klüvers Big Band) feat. Mike Andersen. Besides The Allstars stage, we also manage a lot of different artists on the other stages


Planning, initiative & taskforce control group, production (including stage, sound and lights), managing and booking

Tour-managing The Temptations in connection with their live performance on Danish television (TV2, Go’Morgen DK) in Tivoli